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An Introductory to Pumice Powder


Pumice powder is a natural additive that is abrasive or has the capability to polish or clean hard substances. It is insoluble in oil and water, which is good for cleaning products. Pumice powder is made from pumice. Pumice or amorphous aluminum silicate is an indigenous rock that has a light yellowish-gray color. Pumice is formed during a volcanic eruption https://viennaimports.com/pumice-powder offers excellent info on this.



When the lava rushes out through the air, it cools down. At that moment, gases escape which creates a rock filled with holes. This is what makes the rock very light and allows it to float on water. Pumice has the characteristic of being abrasive, amorphous, and a neutral pH. It is hard enough to scrape away the hard substances yet it is soft enough to avoid damaging the surface of the object.

Pumice is also friable which makes it possible to have pumice powder and still retain its abrasive, light, and absorbent qualities. Due to the abrasive, light, and absorbent qualities of pumice, many people have been transforming it into pumice powder in order for it to become an additive to various products like soap, scrubs, dental supplies, cement, and others. Pumice powder has been a great help to the cleaning industry.






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